Vicky & Chris’ Stratton Court Barn Wedding was an absolute beaut. Looking back on their wedding it’s undoubtedly one of my favourite 2015 dates thus far. The day started at home in Aylesbury, where Vicky got ready with a few close friends. Wedding morning’s can sometimes be hectic, and that is brilliant in its own way, but there was something really simple, honest and centred about Vicky’s bridal prep. As you’ll see later, these guys can party, but the morning had a great vibe also – relaxed and comfortable.

Vicky & Chris’ house is a little way from Stratton Court Barn, but Vicky was in her dress right on time, looking divine, and everything (it seemed) was running like clockwork. Famous last words. I always like to leave a good 15-30mins ahead of the Bride. This is to ensure that I beat the Bride to the ceremony venue (!) and it also gives me a chance to photograph the arrival of guests and the nervous anticipation of an expectant Groom. After departing Vicky’s house in good time all seemed well right up until the point that I hit a massive traffic jam (unannounced roadworks), followed by another one, followed by another. For a wedding photographer this represents maximum terror; a situation beyond your control is jeopardising your ability to photograph a hugely important life event! Presumably, I’m thinking, Vicky has to come the same way and will suffer the same trials and tribulations? What if she’s booked a flying car or knows about the secret trans-Oxfordshire tunnel network though?! Thankfully, when I finally pulled in to Stratton Court (like something out of Bullitt) I had arrived first. Phew. Turns out, everyone was stuck in traffic and neither Bride nor Groom had yet been seen. Much hand-wringing ensued and as the minutes turned into quarter and then half hours the registrars, who it should be said, were absolutely lovely, began to get (understandably) fidgety.

Chris finally arrived looking extremely dapper and apologising profusely. Like so many guests he’d got caught up in completely unpredicted traffic and roadworks. Some breath was exhaled. The poor chap then had to sweat for another 45mins or so before Vicky’s chariot came thundering down the lane. The registrars hadn’t bolted, we had a Bride, we had a Groom – SHOWTIME! Vicky was escorted down the aisle by her lovely mates, Pete & Gary and, despite the significant drama, she wore an absolute beamer. It’s apparent in the photographs no doubt, but it’s worth reiterating; these two are properly into each other.

Weddings are always charged affairs, but after the antics pre-ceremony, neither the couple nor their guests needed an invitation to let their hair down and celebrate once the formalities were out of the way. Stratton Court Barn is near Bicester and it’s a really lovely setting that’s run by a particularly friendly team. Chris & Vicky had planned street food in the courtyard for the evening, amazing pulled pork and hot dogs, ice-cream-parlour-cum-bike, and, pièce de résistance, bucking bronco. The weather was awesome and the whole formula resulted in an especially fine summer wedding. Vicky & Chris could not have been more excellent. Such a lovely couple who made me most welcome and were a riot to photograph. Truly superb.

Here’s (quite a large) selection of my favourites. This wedding had so much good stuff it was hard to reduce it down. My thanks to Chris & Vicky for choosing me as their wedding photographer and to Chris, Cathy and Karen at Stratton Court for running a particularly lovely venue.

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