I am a documentary wedding photographer working primarily in Surrey and Hampshire but available for commissions throughout the UK and worldwide.

Your Wedding Is Not a Photoshoot

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. My name is Tony and I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in Surrey and Hampshire but available for commisions worldwide.

I believe that weddings are many things. Party, tradition, rite of passage, get-together, life-changing experience, social history and, above all, an unrivalled celebration. 

Today, in the age of Netflix, we sometimes talk about EVENT television. This draws on the idea of an ‘event’ as a “momentous or important occasion”. Weddings are the original, all-singing, all-dancing, EVENT. Even the smallest and most modest weddings are filled to the brim with an inalienable sense of significance. Beneath all the details, planning, glitz and glam, there is something deeply grounded. Two people stating publicly that they are going to face the world together and asking their friends and family to witness it and celebrate it with them.

But a wedding is categorically NOT a photoshoot. And that’s vitally important. 

Your day is not a performance for the camera. It is one of life’s great events. An experience to immerse yourself in. Something that deserves to be cherised and absorbed. And the only way to do that, is to be truly present in the moment. 

So the deal I make with all my couples is this: 

You guys celebrate your wedding  with all the joy and heart that you can muster. Revel in the stuff that means the most to you. Spend as much time with your guests and your family as possible. Laugh or cry as mood and meaning demand. And don’t even consider acting for the camera!

And I’ll document it.

It’s not my job to direct, it’s my job to help you remember it.

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