Berby Herregård wedding photography by Tony Hart


To document, not direct.


Narrative. That's the word I'd use to describe my approach to the wedding day. A story through pictures.

Wherever possible I think it's important to let a wedding be itself, with minimal direction on the part of the photographer. There's beauty, honesty, truth and emotion inherent in the day and it's my job to photograph it.

That's not to say that we don't spend time on portraits and groups - we certainly do - but first and foremost my coverage is about unobtrusive observation. I'm a professional spectator you hire to help you remember your day.


I've been working as a full-time wedding photographer for over ten years, and since my first wedding, at Keble College, Oxford in early 2008 I've covered all sorts of celebrations large and small, both in the UK and overseas. Each is distinct, each has its own unique charm. A wedding is one of life's truly seminal events and that innate importance makes them absolutely fascinating to photograph.