Jenn & Charlie are one of those couples that make my job extremely rewarding. They are absolutely lovely people and working with them was a huge pleasure from beginning to end. Their spring wedding at Farnham Castle was both beautiful and incredibly down to earth – a combination I’m particularly fond of. I’d got together with Jenn & Charlie a few months prior for a pre-wedding session in the crisp air of late November. They were immediately great fun to photograph. Here’s a quick preview of that spectacular day at Windsor Great Park, I’ll be posting a full blog soon so keep an eye out. After our fantastic day in the winter sun, I was very excited to see Jenn & Charlie at Farnham Castle for the main event!

The day began by visiting Charlie and the boys at the lovely 1 Park Row B&B in central Farnham. I love photographing a relaxed breakfast because it completely lacks artifice. It’s just folks sitting around, having a coffee, eating good food and telling stories. This might sound plain and uneventful, but I see it as a huge photographic opportunity because of that very unguardedness.  After spending a bit of time with the gents I headed up the hill to catch up with Jenn and her girls in the Gatehouse. This was my first spring wedding at Farnham Castle and, although it was only early March, the cherry blossom in the trees and warm sun on the flag stones left no doubt that winter was well and truly vanquished. Jenn’s friend Katie-Jane Whitlock looked after all things bridal hair. Katie-Jane is an amazing combo of utter chill and infectious laugh that’s really hard not to love. She kept everything on schedule, made everyone look incroyable and ensured the morning remained 100% relaxed. Recommended!

Jenn got into her dress in the downstairs room of the Gatehouse and I particularly love the shots of her niece looking up to her. She’s only little, but there’s wonder in those eyes! These are the pictures that I’m really looking for. The slightly less obvious moment, the angle that tells a different story and, hopefully, images that will come to have a whole collection of meanings, to different people, though the generations. Once everyone was ready, Jenn called her Dad in – which is always a really moving moment – before we stepped out into glorious sunshine and made the short walk across to the Lantern Hall.

A spring wedding at Farnham castle deserves good flowers. As you’ll see in the photographs, the floristry was out of this world. I loved the pinky-red hues in Jenn’s bouquet and the way it chimed with the golden ribbon. Bloody sumptuous. Well done to the fantastic team from Moutan – amazing job! The Lantern Hall was dressed in royal purple, to match the bridesmaids’ dresses, and the window embrasures were filled with more stunning blooms that mirrored the girls’ flowers. Show time! Jenn’s little niece was her flower girl and with some encouragement from Mum behind and Dad at the far end of the aisle, she got things underway in epically cute fashion while everyone looked on and practised being collectively broody! There’s something I particularly love about shooting bridal entrances in the Lantern Hall. The light is always great and there’s some nice opportunities for interesting framing. Jenn & Charlie also had an artist live-paint (if that’s the term) their ceremony. Very cool and not something I’d seen before.

Charlie & Jenn looked so thrilled to be getting married. That might sound blindingly obvious, but when it’s as self-evident as this it’s hard not to find it utterly charming. I’ve got hundreds of weddings under my belt and yet there are still times when I have a lump in my throat! After much grinning, smiling (not to mention a few formalities) Charlie & Jenn made their exit as newlyweds. One of my favourite features of Farnham Castle weddings is confetti on the Foxes steps. Jenn & Charlie’s guests did not disappoint! The photographs from the confetti barrage are one my best-loved sequences from the entire day. Around about this point the weather decided to remind us that we were in England. Nothing too drastic, but a short sharp shower that meant we had to dive back inside for the group photographs. Thankfully it didn’t last long. When we stepped out onto the Great Lawn an hour later for a few portraits the drops had finished falling.

Jenn & Charlie first met in Australia while Charlie was taking part in the Clipper Round-the-World race. If you’re not familiar, check it out as it sounds absolutely incredible. Their friends made a beautiful model of the Clipper 70 yacht and it took pride of place in the Great Hall. As you can imagine, given the nature of how they met, Jenn & Charlie are pretty adventurous and exciting people. Their lives are full of great stories and the speeches perfectly reflected that. Charlie’s ushers were his three brothers and, alongside Best Man Del and MC Simon, these guys had the best banter and comic hilarity imaginable. Jenn’s bridesmaids were her sisters, Katie & Steff, and they were champs. Always on hand when Jenn needed them and unceasingly smiley and fun to hang out with.

Jenn & Charlie chose not to have a first dance, instead deciding that as good hosts, the decent thing would be to let everyone hit the dancefloor simultaneously. One of the reasons I stick around, as standard, until midnight is because sometimes great moments happen late in the evening. So it was here. The dancefloor was busy all night, but with the final hour of the evening underway, the ‘now or never’ vibe took hold. Charlie found himself hoisted aloft for an impromptu crowd surf before he and Jenn saved the best till last with a truly memorable final dance. In short, shooting Jenn & Charlie’s spring wedding at Farnham Castle was an absolute blast – thanks for having me guys!

*If you’re after suppliers details, you’ll find them at the foot of this post, after the photographs.1 Park Row B&B FarnhamCherry Blossom at Farnham Castle Groom with ushers at Breakfast, 1 Park Row Farnham Groomsmen Breakfast, 1 Park Row Farnham Castle Street Farnham Castle KeepWedding signBridesmaids dresses - Tyrian Purple Rainbow club wedding shoes Bridesmaids makeup Bride's wedding dress in the Gatehouse Bridesmaids chatting in the Gatehouse Jen having her hair done by Katie-Jane The Lantern Hall ready for a wedding ceremonyFlowers by Moutan in the Lantern HallChairs wrapped in fabric in the Lantern Hall Hello! Groom Charlie getting dressed Groomsmen doing shirt cuffs Tie on The Gatehouse, Farnham Castle Julie from Moutan delivering Jenn's beautiful bouquet Jenn's bridal bouquet by Moutan Flowergirl in the Gatehouse Mother of the Bride corsage by Moutan Jenn being buttoned into her wedding dress Jenn's niece looking up as Jenn gets into her dress Jenn, her sister and her niece Dad clapping eyes on Jenn for the first time Jenn and her dad Steve in the Gatehouse Jenn looking perfect and ready to go in the Gatehouse at Farnham CastleGroom's buttonhole by MoutanCharlie chatting to guests in the Stone HallGuests in the Stone Hall before the ceremony The bridal party leave the Gatehouse Bride & Bridesmaids - Farnham Castle Bride climbing the Foxes Steps at Farnham Castle Flowers by Moutan Flowergirl being coaxed down the aisle by Mum Flowergirl stealing the show Wide shot of the Lantern Hall as the Bridesmaids arrive Close up of bridesmaid in the Lantern Hall Jenn glimpsed through the door as she makes Jenn about to make her entrance into the Lantern Hall Bride coming down the aisle - Lantern Hall, Fanham Castle Bride & Dad Wedding Ceremony in the Lantern Hall Black and white of Jenn and her Dad Readings while the guests look on Charlie & Jenn during the ceremony Charlie & Jenn finding something funny The kiss Lantern Hall, Farnham Castle Surprised! Ben Hughes, Live painting the ceremony Jenn & Charlie exiting the Lantern Hall as newlyweds Confetti on the Foxes Steps at Farnham Castle Black and white confetti photograph Musicians during the wedding reception Guests chatting to Jenn in the Stone Hall Black and white of the Wedding guests in the Stone Hall Chatting with guests on the Foxes Steps Canapés at Farnham Castle Full length portrait of Jenn & Charlie at Farnham Castle Jenn holding her stunning Moutan bridal bouquet Classic portrait of Jenn & Charlie Couple portraits at Farnham Castle Jenn showing off her stunning Suzanne Neville dress Charlie on the Foxes Steps Table plan at Farnham Castle Wedding guest during the wedding breakfast Clipper 70 Round the World yatch Model Detail of the Clipper 70 model Wedding decor in the Stone Hall Stunning food by the Farnham Castle chefs Charlie chatting to guests during the Wedding breakfast Charlie having a laugh during speeches Top table during the speeches Wide shot of the Great Hall during the wedding speeches Jenn enjoying the speeches Charlie & his groomsmen Bride & Guests in the Stone Hall Older gent enjoying his pint! Dancefloor getting underway Guests on the dancefloor Guests chatting by the Gallery Bar Jenn ad Charlie laughing with a guest on the Foxes Steps This is not a fight! We're Brothers! Spin you right round baby! Jenn dancing with her girls Big laugh Kisses on both cheeks Jenn & Charlie silhouetted Jenn's Mum throwing down! Groom crowdsurfing in the Great Hall Jenn & Charlie on the dancefloor Black and white of Jenn dancing Charlie picking up Jenn on the dancefloor in the Great Hall End of the night Hugs!

Spring Wedding at Farnham Castle – Jenn & Charlie’s Suppliers

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