Time for a bit of a throwback to milder, sunnier, autumnal days with an engagement session blog post. Much needed I feel! I don’t photograph many engagement sessions, but from time to time I have clients who are particularly interested in having a pre-wedding shoot. Lauren & Daniel were one such couple. They live in South Africa and as such we had to schedule their engagement session for a small window of opportunity on one of their trips home to the motherland. With their wedding scheduled to take place at Cain Manor we thought that, seeing as they needed to visit another Bijou venue, Botleys Mansion, for the catering tasting day, we could kill two birds with one stone and squeeze the engagement shoot in prior to the tasting session. As you can see we where blessed with some absolutely gorgeous weather and Lauren & Dan, who had assured me they “weren’t great” in front of the camera were, in fact, fantastic. Here’s a small selection of my favourites.

botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-001 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-002 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-003 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-004 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-005 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-006 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-007 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-008 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-009 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-010 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-011 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-012 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-013 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-014 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-015 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-016 botleys_manor_engagement_shoot-017


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