We’re continuing the Great Blog Catchup™ today with a wedding I’ve been looking forward to posting for months, I love it so much. Lydia & Nick were married in December last year at Lydia’s parents’ home near West Horsley. It was a cold, dark day but the candles blazed, songs were sung and the bride and groom made their entrance to the wedding breakfast on a cycle-rickshaw. It was damn cool and the couple were hot.

Lydia’s parents’ house has a wonderful old barn on the property and it was transformed into the central hub for the day’s proceedings. Running off the barn was a large marquee for the wedding breakfast. The marquee included a huge reveal curtain to keep the dining area secret which, decorated throughout with hundreds of coloured paper lanterns, looked particularly magnificent.

Lydia got ready at home with her two bridesmaids and mid-morning I met up with Nick and his groomsmen just down the road at The Duke of Wellington. Lydia’s dress was a sensational Rime Arodaky number; both unusual and elegant, a really rare combination. Lydia, as you’ll see, looked truly stunning. The ceremony itself, held in the Barn, was beautiful, but it was also – from a photographic point of view – extremely dark. So dark in fact, that I informally refer to it as the Dark Dark Wedding. It was, without doubt, the darkest wedding ceremony I’ve ever shot! However I love a challenge and, while it pushed things to the limit technically, the end result was glorious. Limited winter light from a high window, the walls lined with rows of candles and an incredibly intimate setting made for something extremely special.

Nick is a musician and runs Meet & Jam which is a network of musicians, studios, engineers and producers so it’s no surprise that music played a massive part in the wedding. During the ceremony, Lydia’s sister Rebecca sang the most remarkable solo, Nick’s band played during both ceremony and reception – and were joined by the man himself – and in the evening The Easy made sure the party did not stop. An incredible party filled with love, laughter and damn good music.

It was also awesome to meet Camilla Adams of Fine Pair. Cam filmed Lydia & Nick’s day and she is unquestionably one of the best image makers I’ve ever met. She is wonderfully chilled and friendly and, in short, she rocks. Anyway, enough chatter from me. My thanks to Lydia & Nick for having me, it was a great pleasure. Now then, time for some photographs!west_horsley_wedding-ln-001 west_horsley_wedding-ln-002 west_horsley_wedding-ln-003 west_horsley_wedding-ln-004 west_horsley_wedding-ln-005 west_horsley_wedding-ln-006 west_horsley_wedding-ln-007 west_horsley_wedding-ln-008 west_horsley_wedding-ln-009 west_horsley_wedding-ln-010 west_horsley_wedding-ln-011 west_horsley_wedding-ln-012 west_horsley_wedding-ln-013 west_horsley_wedding-ln-014 west_horsley_wedding-ln-015 west_horsley_wedding-ln-016 west_horsley_wedding-ln-017 west_horsley_wedding-ln-018 west_horsley_wedding-ln-019 west_horsley_wedding-ln-020 west_horsley_wedding-ln-021 west_horsley_wedding-ln-022 west_horsley_wedding-ln-023 west_horsley_wedding-ln-024 west_horsley_wedding-ln-025 west_horsley_wedding-ln-026 west_horsley_wedding-ln-027 west_horsley_wedding-ln-028 west_horsley_wedding-ln-029 west_horsley_wedding-ln-030 west_horsley_wedding-ln-031 west_horsley_wedding-ln-032 west_horsley_wedding-ln-033 west_horsley_wedding-ln-034 west_horsley_wedding-ln-035 west_horsley_wedding-ln-036 west_horsley_wedding-ln-037 west_horsley_wedding-ln-038 west_horsley_wedding-ln-039 west_horsley_wedding-ln-040 west_horsley_wedding-ln-041 west_horsley_wedding-ln-042 west_horsley_wedding-ln-043 west_horsley_wedding-ln-044 west_horsley_wedding-ln-045 west_horsley_wedding-ln-046 west_horsley_wedding-ln-048 west_horsley_wedding-ln-049 west_horsley_wedding-ln-050 west_horsley_wedding-ln-051 west_horsley_wedding-ln-052 west_horsley_wedding-ln-053 west_horsley_wedding-ln-054 west_horsley_wedding-ln-055 west_horsley_wedding-ln-056 west_horsley_wedding-ln-057 west_horsley_wedding-ln-058 west_horsley_wedding-ln-059 west_horsley_wedding-ln-060 west_horsley_wedding-ln-061 west_horsley_wedding-ln-062 west_horsley_wedding-ln-063 west_horsley_wedding-ln-064 west_horsley_wedding-ln-065 west_horsley_wedding-ln-066 west_horsley_wedding-ln-067 west_horsley_wedding-ln-068 west_horsley_wedding-ln-069 west_horsley_wedding-ln-070 west_horsley_wedding-ln-071 west_horsley_wedding-ln-072 west_horsley_wedding-ln-073 west_horsley_wedding-ln-074 west_horsley_wedding-ln-075 west_horsley_wedding-ln-076 west_horsley_wedding-ln-077 west_horsley_wedding-ln-078


Beautiful photos of two beautiful people. Excellent work!

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