This charming wedding at Iscoyd Park was the last one I shot before lockdown and it was an absolute beaut. I met Steph & Gareth a few years back at Grace & Jumbo’s wedding and the combination of these people, and this venue, had me pumped to shoot for them. My first visit to Iscoyd Park was a full five years ago and, on that trip, I fell in love. It’s a truly magnificent location. Set amongst acres of gorgeous Shropshire countryside, Iscoyd Park is a bona-fide country house, make no mistake, but it is an incredibly relaxed and welcoming one. There is no sense of intimidation or of excess grandiose. By contrast, Iscoyd is a place that feels like the family home it genuinely is – albeit a seriously nice one!

Steph & Gareth are superb. Steph brings energy, strength and style, wrapped up in the most lovely human being you could envisage. Gareth on the other hand is one of those rare people who somehow blends a slight but inherent grumpiness with razor-sharp wit, keen humour and unfailing politeness. You have the sense that he is simply incapable of anything but authenticity. He may occasionally sound jaded and world-weary, but he oozes decency and is the sort of person that I’d call when the chips are down. Plus, I really like his hair. In short, they’re bloody good people!

Immaculately Styled

Steph & Gareth are also blessed with inherent style; there was never any doubt that their wedding would look unimaginably good. And so it was. Nothing in want of attention, yet nothing overdone. Effortlessly styled. Not to mention relaxed. This was a wedding that combined the chic with the informal to maximum effect.

Steph wore a gorgeous Rosa Clara dress during the day, and in the evening changed into a super sparkly A-line for the dance floor. These knockout gowns were matched with incredible pearl earrings, a statement hairpiece and silver Jimmy Choo’s – quite the ensemble. Gareth wore a bespoke Cad & The Dandy suit – perfectly fitted and then elevated by on-point details. Think houndstooth waistcoat, maroon tie and perfectly paired pocket-square. Oh, and Grafton Derby’s from Church’s. We spent a few minutes geeking out over finely made, welted shoes!

Small & Intimate

Steph & Gareth were clear from the beginning that their day was about being with their close family and friends. A huge guest list was never on the cards. They wanted time to chat to everyone (something I strongly recommend couples consider) and they didn’t want to look back in ten years time at photos of faces they’d lost touch with. Part of the way they achieved this was to have a proper dinner the night before. Iscoyd Park has a fantastic new Coachhouse and, the evening before, Steph & Gareth hosted a relaxed dinner for their inner circle. A rehearsal dinner is such a good way to get the wedding weekend started. It gave them a couple more hours of quality time with the people who mean the most, and it elongated the celebration. A single day sometimes doesn’t feel long enough for an event as momentous as a wedding!

Drama & The Dance Floor

The day itself was immense and brought its own drama. Weddings always have a unique frisson of excitement, but the possibility of a national lockdown made this party (and bombastic party it was) feel exceptional. Just getting everyone together in one place felt like a huge achievement!

In an episode I’ll never forget, moments before the wedding ceremony was due to start, one of the gorgeous little flower girls dislocated her arm. Major EEEK! Entirely accidental, but you can guarantee that even the most perfectly planned wedding will throw up a few snags and subplots. This was certainly a dramatic one! I remember that we were shooting some quick group portraits of Steph with her Dad and her bridesmaids and suddenly a flurry of activity from down the hall caught my attention. Kids certainly know how to time things right?! Anyway, it was off to A&E for her, all dressed and ready for the aisle. She missed the marriage ceremony but arrived back in time for dinner and the party; her smile a little more guarded but, miraculously, intact!

The other central tenant of Steph & Gareth’s wedding was that the dance floor had to be banging with a capital B. When we met at Grace & Jumbo’s wedding, Steph basically never left the dance floor and she made it clear to me that that was absolutely the plan on her wedding day also! She wasn’t joking. Rarely have I seen a bride who lives for the dance floor quite like Steph!

Right, that’s enough chattering from me. It’s time for some pictures. There’s quite a few! That’s the result when a wedding day is this richly textured. Thanks to everyone at Iscoyd Park for running things so professionally during a pandemic, and to Steph & Gareth for being exceptional throughout. It was my absolute pleasure.

Iscoyd Park Wedding

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