I love Faye & James’ sumptuous Elmore Court wedding with all my soul and I am delighted to finally be sharing it on the blog today. That it has taken me this long to get round to blogging it is basically a reflection of a mad year. A year in which I myself got married and blogging slowed to a standstill, while other things, like getting finished edits out the door, took top priority!

Faye & James were married at the stunning Elmore Court in March on a weather-rich day that alternated between brooding and glorious. Faye & James both work in the entertainment industry, Faye as an actor and James in production and the verve and understated glam that they brought to their day was a joy to behold. Besides being unfairly good looking, these two have been blessed by the style gods – the whole day just gleamed. Faye started her day at The Falcon in Painswick with her family and bridesmaids before making the short trip to Elmore Court to finish the bridal prep and jump into her absolute corker of a dress. Elmore Court has some really magnificent bedrooms that are perfect for getting ready in. The mixture of big windows and dark hardwood was a photographer’s dream – so good! Faye’s Vicky Rowe gown needs a special mention. It suited her perfectly; a show-stopping beaded column dress with a spectacular 20s vibe and a plunging v-neck. James also pushed the boat out, rocking a maroon velvet smoking jacket with matching bow tie – Tux-Deluxe basically – it was sharp.

Elmore Court is probably the best wedding venue I have ever worked at, bar none. It has everything, plus the team are GREAT. Faye married James in Elmore Court’s central hall. Filled with white wooden camelot chairs and flowered by The Bespoke Flower Company the room looked superb. A flash thunderstorm struck moments before Faye walked down the aisle (cue much hilarity from the groomsmen about omens) but it was gone as soon as it started and the sun shone through most of the ceremony. Once Faye and James were man & wife, their guests spilled out into the surrounding drawing rooms, full of great old furniture and interesting nooks and crannies for a few hours of reception drinks. We then crossed to the Gillyflower which is a slice of wedding venue genius. Conceived as a purpose-built dining and dancing space it’s constructed from timber and earth to be environmentally friendly. It is really rather beautiful and works wonderfully well. Few venues can sport such a combination of heritage and beautiful functionality.

I need to take a moment to tell you the incredible tale of how these guys got together. It’s my all-time favourite ‘how we met’ story. Faye & James went to school together, and, on the last day, in time-honoured fashion everyone wrote on everyone else’s shirts. Most were fairly standard scribbles, name plus a kiss, remember when etc, ‘stay in touch’, etc etc. Faye on the other hand, perhaps harbouring a soft spot for James, wrote ‘Miss u hubby, C U on our wedding night!’. While teenage Faye & James were friends, there was nothing overtly amorous between them at all. Fast forward seven years, and James bumps into Faye at that noted romantic location, the bus stop. After this chance and unexpected meeting, one date led to another and then another and eventually at Elmore Court the ‘school shirt prophecy’, as it shall now be known, was fulfilled! After nearly a decade of shooting weddings this is one of the most astonishing stories I’ve ever encountered. Truly amazing! Needless to say the famous school shirt took pride of place as part of Faye & James’ day; it was the background for their table plan.

Anyway, enough chatter from me. I can’t top that story, so I won’t try. In short, Faye & James’ wedding was a blast and it was an absolute pleasure to shoot for these lovely people. Here’s a selection of my favourites from their day, I can’t wait for my next Elmore Court Wedding!

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Elmore Court wedding venue photography Bridal bouquet by The Bespoke Flower Company Boho Vicky Rowe wedding dress at Elmore Court Bridal lingerie Faye's bridal bouquet by The Bespoke Flower Company and her beautiful Vicky Rowe wedding dress The Hall at Elmore Court ready for a wedding Pew ends at Elmore Court Groom avoiding smelly breath! James awaiting his bride Faye ahead of their wedding ceremony at Elmore Court Bride Faye walks down the aisle on her wedding day at Elmore Court Registrar who looks like Nick Hewer from The Apprentice! The first kiss at Elmore Court Confetti at Elmore Court Documentary wedding photography at Elmore Court by Tony Hart Pageboy pianist at Elmore Court wedding Hugs for the bride! Elmore Court's beautiful Gillyflower reception space styled by The Bespoke Flower Company Wedding Breakfast in The Gillyflower at Elmore Court Faye & James wedding portraits Black and white wedding portrait of Faye & James. What a stunner! Wedding photography at Elmore Court Bride and Groom at Elmore Court. Wedding photography by Tony Hart The best 'how we met' wedding story I've ever heard! Guests toasting the speeches at Elmore Court wedding Bride Faye loving the speeches from her bridesmaids in The Gillyflower at Elmore Court Bride and bridesmaids mega hug! Elmore Court landscape photograph James giving his Groom's speech on his wedding day to Faye at Elmore Court Groom drinking whisky with his Scottish relatives Faye & James sharing a post speeches kiss Innovative guest book - an old dictionary! Faye & James' first dance in The Gillyflower at Elmore Court Get low! Wedding dance Documentary wedding photography by Tony Hart Wedding party at Elmore Court - Photography by Tony Hart





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