For the second time in a matter of weeks, it’s currently snowing. I happen to be a fan of extreme weather; it makes life interesting! A few weekends back, I met up with Emily and Ed for a snowy Richmond Park engagement session. By the time we’d finished, the snow was all but gone, but when we began, there was quite a coating.

I’m photographing Emily & Ed’s wedding at Buckhurst Park later this year and I’m looking forward to it immensely. They’re having a Sperry Tent from Papakata, which is what we did for our own wedding day, so it’s set to bring back some great memories.

The days before meeting up with Emily & Ed for their engagement shoot, there was some concern as to whether we’d be able to make it at all. As it turned out, despite the snow, the roads were pretty clear. We met up in the carpark looking like an extremely stylish posse of seriously lost skiers! We had a fun couple of hours larking about and trying to stay warm. Despite wearing the least grippy shoes ever conceived, Ed manage to avoid stacking it throughout. Well done Ed!

This was also my first outing for my new Canon 5D Mark IV cameras. After considering moving to Nikon, I’ve stayed put in the Canon camp – for the time being at least. Anyway, enough chatter from me, time for some photographs.

Emily & Ed walking in Richmond Park Engagement Shoot with Red Deer Stag in Richmond Park Gotta love that hood Richmond Park Engagement Session Snowy Richmond Park Engagement Session Emily & Ed running during the shoot in Richmond Park


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