Last weekend, my wife and my brother decided it’d be fun to head to Windsor for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. It was, genuinely, great fun and the atmosphere was remarkable. The sense of being at the centre of a rather historic ‘good news’ story was palpable. The only thing I can compare it to was the 2012 London Olympics. I am much less of a mad royalist than my wife Charlotte – she refers to The Queen as ‘Queenie’ like they’re fist-bumping besties – but it was hard not to be swept up in something that felt very positive and, behind all the pageantry and pomp, truly authentic. Bleakness blankets the news, yet this was a truly uplifting event; the sort of thing that feels far too rare. It was a memorable day spent with good people. The sun shone, picnics were demolished, booze quaffed. In short, the royal wedding was am unexpected pleasure.

I thought that if we were heading to a wedding, I’d better take some pictures. Busman’s holiday right?! Well, I figured I’d do things a little differently. I grabbed some manual focus cameras and a bunch of black and white film and put my documentary hat on. I basically wandered around Windsor and The Long Walk shooting what I observed. Think documentary wedding photography meets street photographer. I wasn’t really interested in photographing a Royal Wedding per se. Most people were excited to see Meghan & Harry in the carriage, or the kiss on the steps. Cool though these moments were, for me the focus was on finding a slightly broader story and giving this global news event some context. These images, shot on Fuji Acros 100 & Neopan 400,  are the result.

Meghan Markle's convoy drives along The Long Walk, Windsor, enroute to the Royal Wedding.Royal Wedding -Meghan Markle photographed on the steps of St George's Chapel, WindsorFirst glimpse of Meghan MarkleThe Duke & Duchess of Sussex during the carriage procession.Royal Wedding photographyWindsor Castle Royal Wedding Day




Great set of images here.

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